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1 definition by ~~E~~~~Y~~~

a nice ass town in jersey which everyone hates because some of us are a little rich and yes we have our snobs but most of us are cool people. everyone thinks that we all smoke weed and alot of us do but hey we win all our sports so u got beat by a bunch of pot heads congratulations. our cops have no life and bother us when they really should bother the kids who have no life and who aren't even from our town who come to it just to tell us we are gay when they are drivin a piece of crap and drove 20 minutes to get there on a weekend just to tell us that cause they are jealous that we have cool stuff in our town and they don't
other kid: wow you guys are from sparta wow u guys are gay

sparta kids: we're gay you don't see us coming to your town just to diss you cause we have nothing better to do

other kid: speachless and drives away in his piece of crap minivan
by ~~E~~~~Y~~~ September 22, 2007