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A pigeon is a girl who be walking by...
My rimmed up blue red loose Spark wit five
Her feet hurt so you know she wanna ride
But she frontin like she cant say hi
I dont want no pigeons, dem be da girls who get no dubs from me, playing the bar dumb broke with her best friends coat trying to holla at me
by ~~$$M-DiZzLe$$~~ January 02, 2004
Aight all of u r retarded.
Okay here is totaled.
If your car is worth $6000, and it gets sideswiped, and the repairs would cost $6000 or more, its totaled, if the damage meets or exceeds the value of the car, its totaled
Dag yo, my car got totaled, and I cant pay the $4000 to fix it, cause I just bought it for $3500.
by ~~$$M-DiZzLe$$~~ January 04, 2004

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