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One of the coolest people you will ever meet.

She is a strong, artistic person who will never let you down. She is hardworking, intelligent and awesome. Sorsha is one of a kind. Her favorite color is red, she likes giraffes, too. Her favorite pattern is the harlequin pattern. Her favorite color combination is aqua and lime green.

Sorsha is also one of the greatest artistic beings in existence today. If you ever happen to meet Sorsha, you must bring her chocolate. Not just any kind of chocolate- Milky Way bars will do. Don't forget the Mountain Dew and Nerds.
"Sorsha's so talented! She's an amazing artist!"


"Hey, Sorsha, I need help. My computer's acting funky"

"Hey Sorsha. You're awesome."
by ~TCN January 03, 2013

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