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Small, compact flash-based mp3 player that is designed by the Apple Corporation. This design does not incorporate the previous outfitting of the iPod line, which included a hard drive, but runs far more efficiently without it. In addition, the buyer either has the choice of a black or white façade, with the traditional chrome backing.

The initial design for this product was the replace the iPod mini, but unfortunately, did not meet the expected sales. The first wave of the ‘nano’ had the choice of either coming in 2G or 4G and featured a colour screen.

It could also be noted that these models are not as fire-retardant as their predecessors, and carry with them the liability of being lost or dissolved in chemical testing.
Upon submerging from the geothermal reactor in Hong Kong, I had noticed that my newly-issued iPod nano had fallen into disrepute by ceasing to function.

I would rather consume some ice cream and buy 8 hookers.
by ~Snipe September 19, 2005
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