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1.) A Male who looks like they are dressed "feminine" to their other Male friends, or other Males in general.

2.) Usually a Male who dresses in a way that most would consider "Gay"

3.) Sometimes a Male who dresses in a fashion that would most likely pose as "Girly" to African-American Men (Stores such as American Eagle, Hollister, Express, Gap, etc.) who would consider stores such as : PacSun, Zumiez, Lids, Champs, Finish Line, Journey's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Hot Topic, Dickies, Spencer's, etc.) to be considered "Straight".

It could mean any of these things, none of them are exact.
Guy 1: "Man! Look at that dude over there! With his Express-lookin' Pilgrim @$$!"

Guy 2: "Yeah Man! Why he gotta go an' show hisself 'round like dat to 'erebody else and hate on Lids and Dick's for?"
by ~231&&P@r@m0R3&&231~ August 27, 2010

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