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"Elbo computing" run by Marshall and Ray. Need your computer fixed? ask these guys
Man my friggen computer is all broken and stuff, Id better call Elbo.
by ~ August 22, 2003
The crappy new name of RSC king/queen Mystress.
"Mystress' new name sucks...who would want the name Zyst?"
by ~ December 16, 2004
where i go to school. i dont think its *that* bad......yeah school gets cancelled every time theres like, a half inch of snow (:P), but the education's pretty good. and i've gotten brand-new books every year since 1998. *shrug*
i heard FCPS isn't a bad school system.....but my school treats us all like preschoolers :P
by ~ August 06, 2004
by ~ March 19, 2003
Where I live!! its really different from the rest of Virginia, not better or worse just different. nobody really considers it southern, either, but a lotta people move here from the south. sum people think n.Virginia should be its own state but i think thats stupid... a lotta people from southern (and middle maybe?) Virginia think that northern Virginia is snobby and a disgrace to their southern state of Virginia. a lotta people from northern Virginia think southern Virginia is hick and northern Virginia is better. but umm, i dont.. some people say northern Virginia is wealthy and i used to think that i guess kinda but now i go to a different school and there are sum really, really ghetto people so i dont anymore.
i love Virginia!!!...all of it!!
by ~ March 10, 2005
How Canadians say bong!
"Hand that boong terrance I want to take a big boong hit"
by ~ August 24, 2004

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