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2 definitions by zzzzzzaaaaaccccchhhhhhh

A phrase coined by gangsters and bootleggers in the 1920's. Due to Toledo's convenient location (Lake Erie Shore, ~halfway Chicago/Cleveland and ~a hour south of Detroit) it became the save haven for prohibition criminals after completing jobs in the larger cities previously mentions. A large portion of the crime in those cities was organized in Toledo. Toledo became known as the "Promised Land" to these mobsters, knowing they were in the clear once they made it back to Toledo. Hence the phrase Holy Toledo.
Holy Toledo did you see that!
by zzzzzzaaaaaccccchhhhhhh May 04, 2010
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A great place, full of great people. Toledo offers great Minor league Baseball and Hockey teams. It's art museum and zoo are among the top in the country. Countless Historical sites close by (Ft. Meigs, PutnBay, Falling Timbers, Rutherford B Hayes, Ludwig Mill, Sauders Village) Home of The University of Toledo and BGSU twenty min. south. Both schools around 20k students. On the shores of lake Erie and less than hour from the bass islands. A variety of great restaurants (Mancy's,Tony Pacos, Loma Lindas, Sean's, Webers, Capers). Very impressive Parks all around and outside of the city (ie. Oak Openings, Maumee Bay, Sidecut, Secore) Great public golf courses/country clubs (The Legacy/Inverness). Birthplace of great people like Jamie Farr"MASH", Tom Scholz "Boston", Bonnie Turner "That 70's Show/3rd Rock From the Sun",Dominick Labino "Artist-work in 65+Museums/Inventor - 57 patents including the Fiber Glass Used on Apollo Space Crafts" Eugene Kranz "Nasa flight director-Apollo 13" Jim Leyland "Detroit Tigers" Jim Jackson "NBA/BigTenNetwork" Countless Great Coaches inclucding, Don Donoher"Dayton NCAA Champ" Urban Meyer "Florida", Jim Harbough "Stanford", Joe Tiller "Purdue", Gary Pinkle "Missouri" Rob Chudzinski "Miami Hurricanes/Cleaveland Browns." Home to many large company's and fortune 500 corporations (Owens Illinois, Owens Corning, Dana, Jeep, John Mansville)
Toledo, Ohio home of the Mudhens 2005 2006 Governors Cup Champs
by zzzzzzaaaaaccccchhhhhhh May 04, 2010
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