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The opposite of mats.

The female sub-culture of the malay community in singapore, or neighbouring malaysia. They wear tapered pants, g-strings and uber tight clothes when they know they're fucking fat. How these mats still get turned on by them is beyond anyone.

How to identify them:
1-At an average of 5 words, the word 'sial', or 'siak' or 'siol' will be used. These words are phrase emphasisers like fug or shit in their mother tongue, malay.

2-They are fucking anoying hoes who tune their cheap ass nokias with fucking loud speakers and play the same monophonic ringtone again and again repeatedly in the fucking bus or train and never get bored with it. They always appear to have different opinions and comments about it.

3-They're fuckin dumb

4- they're broke as fuck like they're male counterparts (mats)

5-you can find them at any void deck of any hdb flats in singapore. They're usually in large groups, of about 8, playing shit music on some cheap ass guitar, sharing a cigarette.

They're comparable to the blondes of america except, they're fucken ugly like 90% of the time.

If u get called a minah, u've been insulted beyond recognition. Its so bad, u'll lose the purpose of living.
Hey minah, can u shut that fuck cheap ass nokia of urs?

first dude: Dude, i think im gonna die, god is sending me signs, that minah just winked at me.

second dude: DAYM!!
by zul August 05, 2004

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