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A species which was considered extinct since the days it roamed the realm of earth in the days when men were confined to caves. Recently however, it has resurfaced to torment mankind again. Usually extremely hairy, it generally has an uncontrollable affinity to members of the female sex which reside in the southern parts of India.
It is a mammal which has no sex, and so cannot have sex. Hence the name. It is considered to be extremely sensitive to it being impotent, thus leading to greater heights of secrecy regarding matters of daily healthy self-help sexual routine of humans.
In terms of intelligence, members of this species are known to be extremely dumb. They try to make up for their stupidity by making extremely pitiable grimaces. However, as the name suggests, regardless of their numerous attempts at getting any forms of sexual experience with members of other species (preference to canines over humans), they are still forced to grow their species asexually.
See also: fucknut, dumbass, moron, dumbfuck, hairy
"Whenever I ask Swaggie whether he shags or not, he always gives a stupid grin that says 'I'm helpless'. What a fucknot!"
"Peter, why do you keep running after girls so desperately? Stop acting like a fucknot!"
by zorro_n_bigdaddy May 27, 2008

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