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2 definitions by zongi zong

Two people on a forum who always post after each other. This is either intentional because they're so dependent on each other they can't think for themselves, or it's by coincidence since they're always active on the forum. Sometimes other forum members think it's cute if the two are likeable, but most of the time it becomes annoying, especially if they post about things no one else cares about or they're part of a forum clique and bully other members.
"Why are those two always posting after each other all the time?"

"They're the forum's posting pals. They used to be funny but now no one can stand them."
by zongi zong June 26, 2012
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Someone who thinks they know everything about life even though they've never left the house and experienced anything for themselves. They come off like they're knowledgeable but only for the sole purpose of impressing others. In reality, they're looking up articles on Wikipedia that probably aren't even accurate.
"I know all about the grunge era because I was there when it happened."

"No you weren't, you're just a douchebag Wiki scholar who's never even been outside. Turn off the computer and get a life."
by zongi zong June 27, 2012
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