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The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza is a hard/math/grind/core band from Arizona. Their song titles have such interesting names as "My Bowling Ball's Frozen in a Footlocker in Chicago" and "5 Deep On Charlie".
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza (the band, not the fundraiser) is the best band name since Dick Wrinkles.
#awesome #mathcore #gasm #tony danza #music
by zomgzhaxed October 26, 2007
Criss Angel is what some people call an "illusionist", although I prefer to think of him as a comedian, because there is no way that he takes himself seriously. His "stunts" are performed in front of a "live audience" which mostly consists of gullible ditzy girls and/or druggies in a city park; this is why the people on his show believe that he can really pull a woman's torso off and have her two halves walk away. While entertaining, his act is clearly not real. If you believe he went through a wood chipper, you've got a problem.
Criss Angel has a show called Mindfreak that is really hard to watch without falling out of your seat from intense lawling.
#xd #illusionist #fake #final cut #stoned
by zomgzhaxed October 26, 2007
Mike Patton was the vocalist for Mr. Bungle before they stopped making music. He now is the singer for Faith No More. Patton also provided the voice of The Darkness in the video game... The Darkness.
Mike Patton manifests himself in two tentacles that come out of Jackie's shoulders and eat the faces off of people.
#the darkness #jackie #faith no more #mr. bungle #top cow
by zomgzhaxed October 25, 2007
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