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cute petite girl, can be used as a pet name for ones girlfriend.
Hey, did you see that chiquita that was hangin' on Steve's mom? I didn't know that MILF was into girls.

Hey Steve, let me know when your mom is done with that chiquita.
by zoloft zantac March 29, 2004
1) An insult, someone who would have eaten paste when they were a kid.

2) Any one who can't eat solid food.
i.e. babies, guy with a broken jaw

3) Jesse Borges
1) Ahw man, don't invite Karl, that guys a fucking paste eater.

2) Want some more strained carrots paste eater?
by zoloft zantac March 28, 2004
a cute petite girl that you would like to have sex with in a bubble bath

i.e. she is small enough to get in the tub with you
Damn man, did you tag that hot ass little bathtub toy that was dancin' at the rock show last night?

So was that bathtub toy your new chiquita?
by zoloft zantac March 29, 2004
A slobbering, drooling idiot who rolls around in his own feces, and knows he is doing it, and is smiling about it.
I can't believe Wayne accidentally formatted his son's C: drive, what a baboso.
by zoloft zantac December 07, 2006
about a handful
my girlfriend was giving me a handjob, after i filled her cupped hand with sperm she looked down and said, "that's a lot a lot"
by zoloft zantac March 28, 2004

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