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A phrase often used in responce to something you don't know how to respond to.
A phrase often used sarcasticly in responce to a compliment, to represent self-approval and/or pride.
-Dude, I love having hot, dirty, sex with Christianna.
-I mean, yeah.
-I really like your hair today. It's so pretty!
-I mean, yeah. Who wouldn't?
by zoelikescupcakes January 03, 2011
A picture edited extremely with effects such as; blur, color-bold, or any makeup enhancing effect. It makes a picture look extreme and cheesy.
Should I enhance the color on my eyes and make everything else black and white?

Should I blur out everything except our faces?

Should I bold my eyeliner and make my hair look purple?

No! It will look too myspacey!
by zoelikescupcakes December 14, 2010
The typical boy who wears high socks and v-necks and can win girls over with the wink of an eye.
It was the adam effect when I saw him. It was so easy to fall for him.
by zoelikescupcakes December 18, 2010

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