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Great, fantastic. Exceeding good. Often used before "one".
That movie was a guude one.
by zoeh December 02, 2004
Frolicking, having fun, playing crazily.
Jeff, stop guuding around, we need to get to work.
by zoeh December 02, 2004
Something that is extremely good.
That shirt is a guudie.
by zoeh December 02, 2004
a place that you let things out of the rear end aka a toilet or washroom.
says Susie- Excuse me mother, i need to go to the piss pod.
mother- sure darling, but go fast, remember last time.
by zoeh December 08, 2004
One who suffers from a large mushroom cut.
Alex used to be a major mushroom in grade four, now he's a major hottie.
by zoeh December 03, 2004
After being juvenized in egg smelling water, normally found in the country.
Someone who's legs have been submerged in egg smelling water.
After that bath we became eggleggs.
by zoeh December 02, 2004
Someone that is very sexy. Coming from the word "sexbomb". Mostly used for the name John.
John you are a sexjomb, we should hook up.
by zoeh December 02, 2004

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