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2 definitions by zmnbbs

The art of locating crevices and holes in the anorexic body, suitable for the penis to be inserted in for pleasure. This does not include the vagina, mouth or ears.
*Dude and Chick are making love*
Dude: I'm bored of the same old.
*After a short period of time*
Chick: Why are you rubbing your penis on my shoulder blades?
Dude: I'm tryna perform an aunal BITCH! Shut up!
by zmnbbs December 21, 2009
An FML that's so absurd, people begin to think it's fake, thus giving it the name "FFML" or "Fake F my life"
Dude 1: Hey man, did you hear about the FML where the guy's sister used his toothbrush to masturbate?
Dude 2: YEAH OMG dude. That was so hilarious, it sounds like an FFML
Dude 1: Killjoy -_-
by zmnbbs December 20, 2009