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A girl that knows what day it is and feels the need to sing about it. She can be seen going to catch the bus but then contemplating whether to go in the front or back seat of a 4 year old's convertible. She will then time warp into 7:45 at night where she is seen with a friend to her right whilst "partying partying yeah" and having "fun fun fun fun" looking forward to the weekend. Then she precedes to let everyone know that yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday which she is quite excited about, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward. Then in an obvious change of events a 35 year old black man begins to rap about how he is following a school bus full of 12 year olds. Followed by a minute of a half of dancing children telling everyone it's "FRYday FRYday."
P1: "hey man, what day is it?"

P2: "i don't know, ask Rebecca Black"

RB: "it's FRYday FRYday"
by zmaree March 14, 2011

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