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Here are some more Mcdojo examples in addition to my list that was posted eariler.

1. The Black Belts haven't reached puberty yet and they can rent out the dojo for birthday parties.

2. Your instructor tries to flirt with your girlfriend when she attempts to visit you at the dojo.

3. Your instructor is having an affair with one of his students.

4. Your instructor gives a speech during class about how TKD is superior to all other martial arts.

5. Your instructor won't allow you to compete in a tournament because his techniques are too deadly and you'd actually kill or seriously injure anyone you competed against.

6. You attend a Chinese Kung Fu School that uses the Japanese Belt Ranking System.

7. You attend a Hapkido School, but all the grappling elements have been curiously eliminated from the training.

8. Your instructor places an embargo on his students equipment purchases. You will be repremanded for bringing in gear and Gi's purchases outside the Mcdojo.

9. While sparring your instructor complains that you're not being aggressive enough. Then, when you become more aggressive your instructor complains that your being too aggessive.

10. Your instructor names his style after himself. For example Joe Son Do, Dux Ryu, Rex Kwon Do.
Look at all these 7 year old Black Belts running around. This place is a Mcdojo.
by zman333 March 14, 2008
Here's even more Mcdojo examples:

- There is a sign out front that says "We are a black belt school."

- You passed the exam for your black belt, but were denied your belt because your testing fee check of 200 dollars didn't clear at the bank.

-As you walk in the front door there are trophies all over the place, but you can find no evidence of your instructor competing in anything.

-Your karate/tkd instructor claims he could beat a Gracie.

-Your instructor mixes and matches different Asian languages. For example, the instructor claims to be the head of a Tae kwon Do Dojo. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Art, but Dojo's are Japanese.

-Your instructor is nicknamed "Tiger". The most cliched nickname in all martial arts.

-Your instructor wears camouflage or an American Flag Gi.

-Your instructor claims that in order to get your Black belt you must win at least 5 trophies first.

-They have a class for 4-5 year olds called Tiny Tigers and the instructor says "Our Tiny Tigers are major ass kickers."

-If sparring is allowed it is completely one dimensional. You're taught how to score points in a tournament instead of how to defend yourself in real life.

-Your instructor claims he could defeat a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master by side stepping and Ko'ing them when they go for a take down.

-You have to sign a rediculous contract/lease agreement to train at the school and the instructor can sue you if you break any of the agreements in the contract.

-As soon as the UFC craze hit America they went from being a Karate school to a "Mixed Martial Arts" school, but you cannot verify that your instructor has ever had a single pro MMA fight.
They promised me a black belt in six months? Welcome to the Mcdojo.
by Zman333 June 10, 2008

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