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Anyone who dresses in dark clothes, with baggy cargo pants with enough pockets to hold any guns they might want to bring to school. Usually covered in chains (enough that you can hear them before you see them). Probly listen to some band that the name itself makes you want to cut yourself. Wear gloves with the fingers cut off because for some reason only their palms get cold. Have grimy long hair, and most importantly, NONE OF THEM KNOW THEY ARE EMOS. It is proven fact that if you ask someone if they were emo or goth when they are covered in chains, crazy-ass band t shirts, or hair that looks like it hasn't been washed in a few weeks thats a foot long, they will answer, looking at you as if you just asked what color an orange is, and say,"I'm not emo!"
I started listening to some screamo bands and my friend said he had never seen an emo wearing Hollister before. I told him to hit me over the head with a frying pan if I ever came into school with 5 pounds of chains on my pants like one of those crazy emo kids.
by zmaante February 05, 2008

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