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The new sports car from Nissan. The 350 stands for 3.5 liter and is the descendent of the legendary 240Z. It's powerful NA (naturally aspirated/non turbo) engine makes 300hp and runs the 1/4 mile in low 14's. It also has nothing to do with a TVR
The one of the best affordable sportscars today is the 350Z
by zguy95135 July 11, 2004
The most reliable and fun cars on the road. Came out with the 240Z which was the first Japanese sportscar to be immensely popular, enough to destroy the British sportscar market by being more reliable, faster, having better handling and a much cheaper price tag. The early Z's (1969-1978) were the best selling sportscars in the world until it was beaten by the Miata.

Datsun also is a racing legend in road racing and in rally racing beating Porches and other formidable sports cars, and doing so has won many championships
There are Datsuns thanks to Mr.K
by zguy95135 July 11, 2004
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