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The opposite of Elope - to sneak off & split up without telling anyone
Me & the missus are going to antelope this weekend
by zenrat October 13, 2011
Camel of the seas
Due to their ability to carry cargos across vast distances ships are known as the Camels of the Seas...
by zenrat August 05, 2010
The right of all US citizens, as enshrined in the 23rd amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, to expose the area from the shoulder to the finger tips in any month without an 'R'.

Proponents of the "recall the 23rd" movement point to Charlton Heston's Bingo Wings as a prime reason why the right to bare arms should be restricted.
It's April, I got tha right to bare arms. Tha only way y'alls gonna sleeve me's if you pry 'em on over ma cold dead arms...
by zenrat August 05, 2010
He comes while you are unconcious after tieing one on and pours diesel fuel down your throat.
(upon waking) Oh god, the Diesel Man has been.
by zenrat August 05, 2010

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