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n. 1. The book of fictional 'facts' so purrfectly incorrect it is absolute fiction but ascribed by some partitards and others dumber than a bucket of hammers as the absolute truth according to any contributing source that says what they want to hear. 2. Encyclopedia of lies and misrepresentations. 3. Belief by cat lovers that cats will take control of the world after the 2012 Mayan world collapse prediction is fulfilled. 4. The notion that Garfield is capable of losing 10 pounds.
The partitard changed the subject topic of discussion by relying on a purrfictionary entry which was utterly erroneous and served to validate their rectalcranial condition.
by zenllama February 02, 2010
1. lover without intellect kept for sex.

2. Two intellectual incompetents in a relationship (pl. paramourons).

3. A person with multiple personality disorder and 2 or more of their personality splits are intellectually incompetent.
!. "I don't know what Tiger sees in a pancake house waitress."

""Well, duh!; it's the sex, dummy, she's just a paramouron"
by zenllama December 10, 2009
In the instance that one takes an ignorant point of view and adopts it even in light of being shown that it is either invalid or not in their best interest, they are said to be rectalcranial. In other words, they have their head stuck up their ass.
Dbucks wants to overcharge for shipping and once this was brough to his attention and he was shown that it affects his final auction price by bidders, he was unrelenting in continuing to overcharge for shipping, thinking of course to make a profit there in spite of losing money on the final auction price. Thus he was nominated for the windex award so that he could keep his glass belly button clean with the windex and be able to see where he was going when he had a rectalcranial inversion.
by zenllama December 08, 2009
sycophantasy v. ˈsɪkəfənt tə-z

the use of a known unrealistic or highly improbable supposition to flatter, win favor, or manipulate from individuals wielding influence on the presumption that knowingly lying will yield benevolence from this pathological state through conceit
(from Latin sȳcophanta, a slanderer, swindler, from Greek sukophantēs, literally: the person showing a fig, apparently referring to the fig sign used in making an accusation, from sukon fig + phainein to show; sense probably developed from ``accuser'' to ``informer, flatterer'')
His repeated unsubstantiated accusations about rampant liberal violence was born out of his sycophantasy that it would embolden and motivate the conservative protesters to act with unjustified "in kind" responses.
by zenllama May 06, 2011

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