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"NaGL" Not a Good Look -
"NaGL" a stage play written by an Australian- Polish playwright/director Lech Mackiewicz in 2004. Submitted to the Sydney Theatre Company and to the Griffin Theatre Co. programs and rejected it was further revised in 2006. It will be staged in Sydney at The Tap Gallery in September 2010.
Cast of 5 ( 2 females , 3 males ). Two acts.

Available for staging - inquire at Creative Respresentation Sydney ( or Melbourne): info@creativerep.com.au
Yeah, right. Who'd think back then, that when that blonde bimbo of a bitch saw your summer shoes and socks she'd say: "Not a good look."
You just wanted to prove her wrong, silly, and you tried to introduce a new trend in fashion, and you called it NaGL - Not a good look. It didn't take off really. And to tell you the truth I still think it wasn't a good name for a fashion label. One tends to think it was bound to fail, don't you agree? For a child though: I liked NaGL." - quote from NaGL c 2006
by zen-bella May 16, 2010

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