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This Art consists of slow and fluid movements, designed to improve coordination and to build an equilibrium between body and mind through various techniques of breathing and movement.

This Art has been described in Sanskrit as Alayavijnana or "the Art of Eternal Youth", as its practice increases health, mental vitality, and longevity, as well as helping to combat depression.
Have you read the Seamm-Jasani book? It is awesome!
by zee March 20, 2005
1. An insult used when referring to an egotistical, stuck-up, preppy person.
2. Someone who is very vain.
3. The literal act. (Preps rotate their sexual partners within the same group...so its like they all fuck each other...thus a preppy fuck!)
1. Damn that preppy fuck, Daniel! He's showing off again!
2. All those preppy fucks do is fix their hair and make up in class. Can't they pay attention?
3. Yuck! It's like one big preppy fuck over there!
by Zee August 12, 2004
The apple jack defense is responding to a question with "it just is".
"You know how in the Apple Jack commercials when asked how the cereal is good even though it doesn't taste like apples the response is "it just is". That's the main precept behind the Apple Jack defense, which MIKE constantly employs."
by zee July 09, 2006
Acronym that means "eat shit and die"

It can an also be extended to "eat shit, and then die" ESATD

Or if you mean serious business,

"Eat shit and then die, you dumb asshole." ESATDYDA

At which point it looks like a Mexican celebration phrase in ALL CAPS.
Person1: "ur a punk. u haev no lief"
Person2: "Shut the fuck up, I am tired of your bullshit. ESAD"

by Zee June 11, 2007
Various systems that comprise Boabom. There are three basic courses, which are:
-Seamm-Jasani (or Gentle Boabom), which is a form of Active Relaxation
-Osseous Boabom (or Magnetic self-defense)
-Yaanbao (or Boabom with Implements).
All these systems are taught at the Mmulargan School.
I have taken some lessons on some of the Arts of Boabom, but there are many I do not know.
by zee March 20, 2005
One of the Arts of Boabom
I went to take Seamm-Jasani classes, but there are more teachings to learn within the Arts of Boabom.
by zee March 20, 2005
One of the Arts od Boabom.

In this course, the student learns movements using various implements, such as short staffs, long ones, etc.

Through this Art the student (who has already advanced somewhat in Osseous Boabom) studies the perfection of movement, solidity, and security in both technique and themselves, developing a new set of skills while using these implements as an extension of their own body.

Successively, these elements change, both in shape and in length.
I thought Yaanbao was similar to other things I had done in the past, but it definitely goes beyond everything!!!
by zee March 20, 2005

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