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a perolius mate that wil make anyone who does not enjoy his company walk the plank

he goes by the code name of adam loveland and i heard he likes to molest baby pigs.
me:get away from me captain
i do not want to hear any of your pig raping stories
captain but luv:argggh matey then u shall walk the plank y'understand?
ME: you truly are a gay one captain you truly are
captain but luv: of course i am
by zed fusillo January 28, 2004
the greatest reefer ever grown

it has the highest amount of thc in it

yee dudeee
person#1:yo dude, i copped a fresh eigth of da mold last night
person#2: damn son! thats some high quality shit you know!?
person#1: fuck yeah i know so lets blaze dis sheet
by zed fusillo January 30, 2004
a nylon book cover worn by little boys who want to be the next 50 cent

they come in all colors and personally i think they are the coolest thing since pet rocks!
i got the magic du rag, i can wear it once. i can wear it twice, because its magic, maagic

5 year old boy:yo girl you diggin the tight rag?
5 year old girl: yea fiddy cent its tizite dowgg!
by zed fusillo January 27, 2004

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