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This is an uncommonly featured creature that has the face of a cow, and the stripes of a zebra. It also makes a very comfortable cushion. It's true species is often debated by those who are quick enough to spot one in their natural habitat (Essex).
Liane: Jokes. Where's the cowbra?
Jon: It's a zebrow, dammit.
Ash: Dudes, it's on the chaise-longue!
Fav: Booker Mate.
by Zebedee January 09, 2005
from the irish sean (old) and ti (house)
taim i mo chonai sa seanti.
(I live in the old house.)
by zebedee January 22, 2005
the promoter of an illigitimate enterpise
the boostards at enron gefookt us all
by zebedee January 22, 2005
a word the vikings used to name the people that lived in the place they called ireland
the irish live in ireland, by jiminy!
by zebedee January 21, 2005
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