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Wallet usually made of leather, usually large size that is carried in a hip pocket and secured to the wearers belt by a chain. Popular with bikers and truck drivers.
The guy was carrying about a thousand dollars in one of those chain drive wallets.
by zboss November 05, 2006
1. A weak or undependable member of a group. 2. A person regarded as timid or indecisive.
Jim's a fuckin' weak sister, he couldn't decide whether to shit or go blind.
by zboss June 10, 2007
Any foreign material, undesirable material, or unidentified substance.
Don't use that spoon, there's gwarnum on it, here's a clean one.
by zboss June 22, 2007
A euphemism used to politely describe a situation where an apparent malfunction is caused by the operator instead of the machine.

(Also "Cockpit Problems")
Person #1: "Jim says he can't get the new copier to work."

Person #2: "It must be cockpit trouble. It has been working fine for me."
by zboss April 27, 2009
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