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Pleasure seeking. Living for pleasurable sensations.

Devoting one's life is to pleasure seeking.

Devoted to the pursuit of physical sensations, which are pleasurable, often sexual.
My hedonistic tendencies surface when I'm with you in bed. Do it to me baby. Oh, oh, oh make me feel good. Pleasure me please please please, please me. Don't stop now. Give it to me. Fulfill all my sexual desires. Fuck me.
by zazz June 25, 2012
The uncontrollable back and forth circular motions made by a woman's hips when her man has made her horny but is not there to satisfy her sexual cravings and NEEDS.
My hips undulate when I'm in the saddle, riding you.

My hips undulate wildly when you are far away and we have phone sex. That's phone fucking at it's best.

When you talk naughty to me like THAT, my ass take on a life of it's own, undulating relentlessly while your words make me cum over the phone. I quiver. I convulse, I spasm. I cum. Undulating ceases.
by zazz July 28, 2012
To fornicate with, without regard for emotional attachment.
"dude i dunked that hottie from myspace"
by Zazz June 12, 2006

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