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to mess up in a bad way

derived from andy bernard of the office
i'm sorry Michael i totally shrewted up back there
by zazy z December 21, 2010
a cotton condom
The sex last night was great until raj put his dick sock on and gave my vagina a rugburn
by zazy z November 04, 2013
to shit on one's chest and consume it with a bendy straw
oh i'd so do a fudly dud on that ho over there
by zazy z December 21, 2010
someone who has a fetish for excessively hairy vaginas.
tom, you bush knocker go get that chick!
by zazy z December 21, 2010
the person who gives us our fancy new pubes when we lose all of our big boy teeth
Hey gang! The pube fairy visited me last night, look!
by zazy z December 21, 2010
The boobs that you want but the personality that you hate
wow look at Alison's boobs! I wanna touch them, but shes such an annoying bitch that i won't
by zazy z November 22, 2011

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