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Individual who enjoys cock way too much. They enjoy being used as a cumdump and a cock slave. They also dream of getting a hard face fuck. If they can find enough willing cocks, they will beg for a blowbang.

Cock boys can often be found in large prisons and will do anything they can to stay there.
"That fag is such a cock boy, he'd suck his own father off."

"Yo Spike, when yo done with dat cock boy, send him over to my cell so I can get me some a dat."
by zanman October 02, 2006
A normal beer-bong that is filled with semen. Can be used with other luquids such as urine. 'GGG' or 'GermanGooGirls' use these props in many of their films. Also '666' is known to use urine.
"Only a hardcore cum-dump would ever want to use the bukkake bong. Ya dude, she's a total cum slut!"
by zanman October 01, 2006
The act of ingesting semen through the nose. In some instances, a small funnel will be inserted in one or both nostrils so as to catch any stray ejaculate. Another way this is accomplished is by placing the penis's opening right onto the open nostril and then ejaculating.
"We realy nose bukkaked that sorry slut. She an't gona be smelling nothin but cum for a week."
by zanman October 01, 2006
A derogatory term used to describe someone who is used for only sex. A cock tool is not treated like a normal human but as a masturbation device that only looks like a person. The cock tool is not talked to except to be given commands.
"Man that bitch is such a cock tool, she can't say no to any swinging dick out there."
by zanman October 02, 2006
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