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Abbreviation for "ASSCHEEKS". Repulsive or low quality ie. Garbage, trash, sucks, busted etc. Derived from the slang adjective usage of the words ass & booty as critically derogatory terms. Coined in 1995 in a record review by hip-hop journalist, renaissance nigga & Ghetto Celeb Extraordinaire Carl "Muthaphukin'" J.
Example: 1. "Yo son, what you think of the new Jim Jones/K-Fed/Kenny G single on the radio that has Michael Bolton & Fergie on the chorus?" "Yo, that shit's cheeks man." 2."Lil Kim used to be cute but now her face looks cheeks to me." 3. "Yo fuck the Sonics. Let em go to Oklahoma. Dem niggas' cheeks anyway".

by zacreole November 26, 2006

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