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A girl with a nice ass , nice body, and has the whole package
Audrey is a damn fab-a-dab
by Zachary February 25, 2005
It seems as if the name adam has a curse of some sort that says they can't be nice or kind to a lady.
Truster-Abusive I love u Nikki
Patarino-User I love u Bre
Truster if you hurt nikki one more time i will kick your ass!
by Zachary December 20, 2004
People who seem to want to ignore all the pleasures available to them in life. And don't seem to realise that even sugar is a drug. Makes about as much sense as christianity but, shockingly, actually manages to be less fun.
Don't preach to me until you've taken the time to actually experience drugs yourself.
by Zachary March 28, 2005
A city with no identity. It's not northern, it's not southern, it's not upper or lower class. It's painfully small and suburban yet it still manages to be one of the most dangerous cities in the country.
"Do you want to go to a gig tonight seeing as there's so many venues in the city?"

"I would but Nottingham never even turns up on any tour lists"
by Zachary May 19, 2005

Publicly acceptable statement referring to a "stupid bitch"

"st" from stupid combined with "itch" from bitch
In front of his boss, Johnny said to Jane, "Can you believe that stitch?" while working as a waiter for a local restaurant.
by zachary March 13, 2005
a Really tight rapper that is off da HOOK
yo have you herd of z units cd? its already platinum and day hevent even started sellin it,
by zachary January 20, 2004
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