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any girl that has sex with more than one partners outside of a releationship,any girl having numerous sexual partners. they feel no compassion for men, only feeling so when they get something they want (like penis).
a slut will always be a slut. there is no slut road of redemption.never fall into the trap of caring about a slut, it's playing with fire. there is no explanation to the cause slutiness, there is no need for a woman to crave that much dick.never kiss a slut,she has sucked atleast many a dick probably one 72 hours prior you meeting her. a slut is only good for bjs and fucking.if a girl comes at you with "hey wanna hang out?" there is a good chance she is a slut and will suck your dick.its all a matter of morals if you decide to "hang out" with the slut.after hooking up with one, the devil-bitch will then either a)never talk to you again b)fuck you whenever she feels like c)use you in any way she can because she has no soul.a slut could also do all 3 of these if she is indeed a true white/black-she-devil-bitch.
1:hey you gonna hook up with that slut tonight?
2:I dont know man i heard she might have clamydia.
1:yeah thats not good dude
2:Yeah i guess i'll fuck her

A:damn that girl is fineeeeee
B:yeah dude she fucked that guy that looks like frankenstein
A:damnnnnn, she is a ho....fo sho!i wanna fuck her
by zach howarth March 02, 2007

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