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When multiple females surround one or two males and ejaculate all over their face and torso
"Did you hear what happened to Frank last night? He totally got Mankakked"
by zUzaque November 07, 2006
The J-Spot is the area that is stimulated during sexual intercourse with either a female or a male's ear. This act is also known as "Paul Style."
"Hey Logan, remember Scary Movie? He loved it in his J-Spot"
by zUzaque November 07, 2006
A sexual position that involves holding your sexual partner's ankles as they perform oral intercourse, while suspended in the air.
"Did you know that Leilani's speacialty is The Flying Sammy?"
by zUzaque November 07, 2006
Chocolate Bar is slang for a mans Wing Dang Doodle, the type of chocolate bar indicates race or qualities of the individual. For further refrence, search 'Wing Dang Doodle'.
"Damn Leilani, you almost broke Adam's Hershey's Cookies ā€˜nā€™ Creme Chocolate Bar last night."
by zUzaque November 07, 2006

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