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3 definitions by z3pp3h

A mischievous, determined-looking kitty face. An elaboration on the original :3

Used when a cat is going to pwn someone/something.
Tiger: *rawr*
American Tourist: Awww look at the cute kitty!
Tiger: >:3
American Tourist: OH GOD-
Tiger: *eats* ... >:3
by z3pp3h September 20, 2006
Files named ".DS_Store" that Mac OS X Finder leaves behind in every folder that it accesses.
God damn it, stop accessing my file server with your Mac! It leaves Mac poop all over the fucking place! FUUUUUUUUUUUU-
by z3pp3h December 22, 2009
A newly discovered fundamental particle.

While solitary nubulets appear to have zero impact on the environment, masses of these particles have shown the tendency to swarm and bond, forming nublets.

After a nublet is formed, it will actively search for a suitable link to the Internet. Once online, a nublet will usually enter an online multiplayer game, such as Counter-Strike. Upon entry, game quality for non-nublets (see: leet) plummets dramatically. Typically the infestation of one nublet will not drive all the other players off the server. However, larger numbers of nubulets and nublets, as well as nubs, n00bs, and newbies, have demonstrated the ability to create an unbearable atmosphere for competent players, effectively purging a server of all intelligent life.

The mechanism of this "purging" action has been studied. Nublets repel more intelligent life forms, but there may be an unseen force at work.

If you, or anyone you know has come into contact with nubulet particles, administer heavy dosages of practice and leetness. Recovery time will depend heavily on the individual.

Symptoms of nubulet exposure include, but are not limited to:

- Decreased enjoyment of online activity of all sorts
- Frustration
- Depression
- Suicide
- Homocide
- Infanticide
- "Spontaneous" combustion of various computer components
- Loss of friends
- Increased stress levels
- Weight gain
- Hair loss
- Erectile dysfunction
- Multiple organ failure
Man, thanks to that nubulet infestation, nobody plays on my CS server anymore... :(
by z3pp3h February 02, 2007