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2 definitions by yuthanasia

The act of dipping a nutsack or two into another person's mouth in a repeated motion as if "milking" a teabag up and down into a cup of hot or warm water.

Refer to youtube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfu9CeUbVqw
Man watching Joanna Krupa on TV: I would soooo like to be teabagging her right now...

Wife of Man watching Joanna Krupa on TV: say that out loud again and I'll teabag your nutsack in boiling water, bitch!
by yuthanasia November 10, 2009
is when you put a cheese in between a grill cheese sandwich and then you eat that cheesy and you feelin' like that chica!
Hey! I eat you cheesy grill cheese sandwich!

Cheesy mom's choose bigger titties...
by yuthanasia April 06, 2011