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the third coolest word ever to use, just behind fuck and son of a bitch. you can use the word fag in any sentence and everyone can be called a fag no matter what gender or race they are. very universal word that should be used atleast 20 times a day.
your a fuckin fag.

your moms a fag.
your dads a fag cause hes fuckin your faggot ass mom.
by yup1983 February 14, 2011
the pouch above the pussy where women store their farts. this pouch is also known as the fupa. finally the real reason for this freak of nature disease is revealed.
if you have a bafoocha, do not wear spandex with your shirt tucked in.

those spandex really accent your bafoocha.
by yup1983 February 14, 2011

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