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Nickname for Matsuura Aya, a top idol in Japan. She is really cute and got the name Ayaya from Morning Musume member Iida Kaori.
"Hey, did you see Ayaya on Music Station last night?"

"No, I went to an Ayaya concert last week though!!"
by yuji June 26, 2003
A person claiming Saint Seiya to be the best anime ever, even though he/she has not seen other series.

Commonly used in reference to a Saint Seiya fanboy, who typically joins a channel or forum that fansubs said anime to ask stupid questions (who is the most powerfull golden saint?).

Idiots who go into forums of anime n beg for anime n ask ton of stupid questions abt it like WHEN ISSIT GONNA BE RELEASED (HADEs SAGA)
infoguia Forums Anime

>Ikki< i'm newbie, BTW Who is the most powerfull golden saint?
>BB> o shit, who cares..... you are the 10000000 seiyard was ask for same thing
by Yuji November 30, 2004
Short for the "channel tunnel", the tunnel that connects Britain and France.
I took the chunnel from Paris to London yesterday.
by yuji June 08, 2003

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