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Documented by Steinbeck, it refers to the particular skill of a good bouncer- the ability to eject an unruly patron with a minimum of damage.

It refers to Ass and Collar; the grabbing of the trouser belt and shirt collar, and then lifting and swinging the patron out of the premises, having him land on his hands and knees, and on occasion, chin.

The Bum's Rush is considerably cruder, relying on the pain of a twisted arm and mutual momentum.
If they was an Olympic event for A and C, Wide Ida would win it easy.
by yraster November 20, 2010
The dizziest, from the Swedish Yr.

Usually used in Nuclear Physics to describe the least energetic states related to given Nuclear Spins. Common term in Gamma Ray Spectroscopy.
Hulk sleepy. Hulk has yrast.
by yraster November 19, 2010
Noun: A gadget, usually in the form of a plug or socket, inserted into an electronic device in order to test or bypass interlocks. Also used to make the damn thing work because the interlock has failed at a critical time. USA Navy slang, WWII vintage, now much used in the USA National Labs.

Verb: To bypass an interlock, either directly with a jumper, or by the use of a "bugger".
Bugger out the Radiation Chain. Use the X-Ray Safety bugger.
by yraster November 19, 2010

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