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Checking if there's no cum for evidence left on the toilet or anywhere you masturbated
I had to do a final cum check because my dad was going to use the bathroom after me
#cum #check #dick #masturbate #semen
by Yoyoman24 August 12, 2015
A combination of "Mock" and "Occupy" it is used to describe an event that needlessly uses the word 'occupy' in the title to gain popularity, and concern.
George: "Hey Randy, are you going to 'Occupy Red Tails'?"

Randy: "No way am I going to that mockupy nonsense, even if Lucas did say "it was the closest thing to episode 7 we are ever going to get"."
#mock #occupy #disestablishmentarianism #moccupy #lucas
by yoyoman24 January 19, 2012
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