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That other holiday nobody really cares about, because:

1. They're too busy buying things for Christmas


2. They're too busy complaining about how Chanukah isn't appreciated enough
Hey, you know it's true.
by yoyobling December 20, 2004
1. The enemy of every gamer/anime fan out there.

2. Middle aged women who drive their kids around from school to activities in SUVs and have absolutely no driving skils. I mean reallly. They cause most of the accident on the roads. They also try to cancel anything that has a message, such as anime, music, internet sites, video games, and love. These fuckers really need to be shot.
Me: Yeah, so I was listening to Green Day the other day, and-

Soccer Mom: Don't say that name around my children! I'm telling your mothers!

Friend: What the...fuck off, we're talking here!


Me:(Pulls out gun and shoots) Bitch. Now where's my Foamy the squirrel?!?!?!
by yoyobling October 13, 2004
a rip-off of Yu-Gi-Oh, which is a rip-off of Pokemon, which is a rip-off of anime.
Watch the trend:

Pokemon: I'll send out my Pikachu to fight your Mewtwo!

Yu-Gi-Oh: I'll summon my Dark Magician to duel your Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Duel Masters: ...You get the picture.
by yoyobling October 13, 2004
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