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2 definitions by yoyme

There are several meaning to the word yoy

1.) A word that can be used while having sexual intercourse
example of this would be...

While making intense sweaty love to your partner, he/she yells out "YOY" or "Oh YOY ME"

2.) Replaces the F word.
Example of this would be little max fails a bio test because he didnt study.

"YOY" he yells out in frustration

3.) Can be used when somebody says something that contains a sexual reference
for example a woman states her anger with the hot dog stand by saying

some random woman- "These wieners are too big."

little max- "Yoy"

4.) Can be used to state a feeling. This could be when your tired, sad, happy, angry, ect

the tone vary's on the feeling
****When you say the word yoy you must vary in pitch.
make sure to elongate the O sound. ****
by yoyme December 08, 2010
Telling someone that they are a faggot.
It is popular to use on the internet but some say it face to face. An example would be calling your friend a YAF for example....
by yoyme December 01, 2010