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An unbearable personality trait, that is revolting to the human population. One who is a "piece of mud" is incredibly boring, stupid, self centered, and any other bad personality trait combined into one. Basically an over all asshole.

Once a "piece of mud", you can never go back. Pieces of mud lack intelligence and the ability to preform well with others. They suck.

There is only one "piece of mud" list in this entire world, if you are on the piece of mud list, I feel sorry for you.
Those who are e n g r a v e d on the "piece of mud" list are at the point of no return, once engraved, forget about it, your life basically amounts to nothing and you're fucked.

One does not simply just become a "piece of mud", one is BORN a "piece of mud".

abv- "POM"
Girl: He ignored my texts and calls! He's such a piece of mud!

also see serious piece of mud

by youwillneverknoww July 15, 2012
Another term for a cigarette. Cigs are quiet when marijuana is loud. There is a difference. Dont be confused.
Piece of mud: Steph, you smoke those quiet(s) now? What the fuck?

Also see piece of mud
Guy: Yo I was smokin on dat loud and right after my homie bummed me a quiet
Other guy: yo lemme get on dat quiet
My friends at marathon sell quiet(s) to minors.
by youwillneverknoww July 22, 2012

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