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brenna's an amazingly talented girl. she loves volleyball, basketball, and soccer. and she's amazing at all of them. she's got brown hair that is beautiful both when curled or just straight. she's really funny and she knows how to have fun. she loves doing random things. she's usually friends with a megan and a bree. she's incredibly pretty but doesn't always see it. she's kind and includes everyone. she loves animals. she's classy and aways has something cute on. people often tell her she has a getto booty. she spends a lot of her time over at other peoples houses and she has a habit of keeping tons of clothes and shoes in her locker. she doesn't like burdening others with her problems and she's really good at acting perfectly fine. so if she's dealing with a hard time you wouldn't even know unless you knew what to look for. she will listen to everything you have to say and if you need advice she's the person to go to. she's smarter than she thinks she is. she's uber protective of her friends and doesn't let others bag on them. if she has an opinion she'll tell you. and if you ask her something, she will tell you exactly what she thinks. even if it's not always what you want to hear. she's a true friend. she's like a sister to me. if you're not friends her it's not because she's too good for you. she's doesn't care about how popular you are. and it's definatly not because you're too good for her. it's because your really dumb and can't see what an awesome person she is.
bree: do these shoes go good with this outfit?
brenna: nope. but i have a pair of white ones in my bag that would match perfectly.
bree: thanks!
brenna: no problem!
by yourpartnerinapplesaucemaking August 19, 2011
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