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the cause of everything bad in ireland..caused by many a thing i.e God, global warming, and the government
aveen:jeez whats with this weather?

claire:its that damned recession

aveen:why is this stool wobbly?

claire: damn recession!
by yourone March 24, 2009
big green yoke in the middle of town
often full of "hippies"..

usually filthy litterd with old crate boxes ,beer cans , and passed out people
someone: dya remember we drank that huzzar behind the hill?
other someone: awe me stomach!
by yourone March 26, 2009
verb: (doing word)
huhuh doing
celebratory exulation
usually associated with the arrival of
ciggarettes and/or alcoholic beverages to the hill..

often heard at lunch and during classes at st.joesephs and sacred heart school drogheda
teacher : ms thing isnt in
claire: WAHEY!

guy:i got the beer!
everyone: WAHEY!
by yourone March 26, 2009
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