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The awesome-est girl you will meet. You will think your life just completed when you look in her eyes, yes she is very gorgeous. Sweet and fun ;)
Have you seen shirleen today? I want to feel like i fell in love again and again.
by yourdreamgirl April 26, 2011
A girl who is nice, kind, funny, cute and herself. Who could ask for more? She'll always be there for you no matter what. She can be annoying, but so can anyone. Her absence irritates you. She's been through more than you can imagine, but when she's in your arms, she knows she's safe because she has you there to protect her.

But even as friends, she's perfect. She will ditch even a boyfriend that tries to mess with you. You could be in love with her and watch her with another guy, but as long as she's happy, you're happy. All in all, she's the kinda girl that makes you feel you haven't lived until you meet her.
When I saw Kirsti, my heart stopped.
by YourDreamGirl October 29, 2013

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