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Opposite of bling-bling. When someone pulls out the cheap imitation jewllery thats worth 11 bucks, maybe 15 if they went all out. and of course looks like its worth all 11 bucks.
those earrings aint bling theyre blung! where'd u find em? under a dead hobo?
by your2coolbuddy December 09, 2004
a fcking annoying idiot. from the sound of a chicken. fucking is the adjective that gives this word the most emphasis. :D
u fuckin cluck shut up.

ur such a fcking cluck why didnt u take ur birth control pill?!!
by your2coolbuddy December 09, 2004
dirty wannabe gangsta girls that act like they're hot but look as good as the sole of my show when i step in crap
there's that gir, who the gunga chick with her blung style.

stupid gunga thinks shes married to 50 cent.
by your2coolbuddy December 09, 2004

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