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a cool little word that is very enjoyable to say. neato can mean "wow, that was really cool!" or "awesome" or it can just be a neato way to say 'neat'.
you:look orange socks!
by your name here April 29, 2004
The name of all matresses.
"My name is Zem."
"We are all called Zem."
by your name here April 23, 2005
isn't it fuckin funny!
every single person who has entered a definition for "CKY" thinks they fuckin rock.....well i've got summit 2 tell u all......YOU'RE FUCKING SO RIGHT!!!!
cky = fucking mental!
cky = fucking great!
cky = fucking best band eva!
cky = fucking......er......YEAH!!
by your name here February 20, 2004
This is the noise made by a live, swamp-
dwelling mattress that is deeply moved by a story of personal tragedy. The word can also, according to The Ultra-Complete Maximegalon Dictionary of Every Language Ever, mean the noise made by the Lord High Sanvalvwag of Hollop on discovering that he has forgotten his wife's birthday for the second year running. Since there was only ever one Lord High Sanvalvwag of Hollop, and he never married, the word is only ever used in a negative or speculative sense
"I globber for you."
by your name here April 23, 2005
A divise too make fun of somebody.
Dude Devon, Your a douche bag
by your name here April 22, 2003

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