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An informal event when your homies come over to cheer you up after a failure in anything (relationships, work, fight with parents, finals, sickness). They may bring beer, pizza, ice cream, weed or whatever they know you love. You spend a night together, laugh over and talk about whatever takes your mind off the bad thoughts. As a result, you feel better and get over whatever failure you experienced faster.
I had a meltdown. Got much better after a session of homiopathy.

Man, you look terrible! Homiopathy! Stat!
by youneverguesswhoiam November 17, 2011
a community, mostly consisting of young women, which sports Ugg's shoes year round, day and night because "they are so comfortable!"

a mythical place which most often looks like a shop where they have every kind possible of Ugg's

Can be used both positively and negatively

"Ugg" should be paying me money for this. Can anybody let them know?
I thought I got into uggiverse when I entered Ugg headquarter in Canberra.

Uggiverse is most likely to suffer heavy trauma of plantares and shin muscles if Ugg's are being worn more than 2 hours a day.
by youneverguesswhoiam June 02, 2011
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