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What you say when one (or more) of your friends is talking to you, and you are daydreaming about something completely unrelated. Usually said after saying something else, completely random.
Jim: blahblahblahblahblahblahbasketbalblahblahblahblah.....

You: I like Tacos. Wait, what?
#wait #what #random #completely #boring #daydream
by youknowyouwant2 December 02, 2009
Dear god. I just read 15 pages of "definitions" and I'm utterly shocked. 99/100 people are being haters. Runescape isn't a black hole that will butt rape your soul into oblivion. It's something you play when you are bored.

To the losers who actually have grades drop from it, you are pathetic. I find no addictive quality in it, whatsoever, unless you are some crackhead or just plain lonely.

Not everyone goes around saying: Fr33 st00f pl0x :D

It's something that kills time faster then nearly anything except for Xboxlive (which still freaks me out the time warp in that shit, seriously...) I know quite a few people who play, and I'm in highschool. Not a SINGLE ONE has had a grade drop or lost any friends.

I log on to merchant an item or two, check on my kingdom, and occasionally do a holiday or limited event. Every now and again, like a weekend or vacation where nobody is home, I go on for maybe 2-3 hours to wait for people on Live

Addictive? One time I quit just to see how long I could take it. Wasn't hard at all. Give the game a shot, and if you already are the ignorant assholes you seem to be, your grades won't change for shit. But if your just the normal go with the flow stereotype, go for it. It's a nice way to kill time, not kill friends.
Runescape- a decent enough mmorpg with a failing community, but all in all a nice way to kill time or relieve boredom. Give it a shot, skeptics.
#rune #scape #rs #mmo #rpg #mmorpg #decent #way #to #kill #time #not #gay
by youknowyouwant2 January 12, 2010
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