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2 definitions by youknowwhoiamguaranteed

The guy's asshole which is used a makeshift vagina in prison
Can also be used to insult those really soft guys who you know would be getting butt fucked in prison
Gary will forever be known as a Prison Taco
Dibs first go at the new Prison Taco
by youknowwhoiamguaranteed December 29, 2009
a huge flaming piece of garbage often used to extinguish problems of the blue waffle sort... hideous boils often cover this persons face and beware she may hex your balls creating a pain than can only be described as a twisting and wrenching mess
Oh hot damn that britt heals put my balls in a vice grip
That dude has britt heals all over his face... eww
WTF !?! I`m so glad heals fixed my gfs blue waffle
by youknowwhoiamguaranteed November 04, 2010